Monday, April 3, 2017

The Miracle of the Red Egg

I know it's still Lent. But I am way too excited for Easter right now. And I just had to blog about this, as it's my favorite story to tell.

I love dyeing Easter Eggs. I'm almost 28 and I still do it without fail every year. It's just fun, and plus, you get tons of egg salad too!

There are a lot of cool stories surrounding where and why we started doing this for Lent and Easter.
Eastern Orthodox and Eastern Catholic Christians have this beautiful tradition of dyeing eggs red. It actually stems from a tale surrounding Mary Magdalene.

In the story, Mary Magdalene travels to the Emperor of Rome, greeting him with "Christos Anesti!" (Christ is Risen). The Emperor did not understand, so she took an egg (representing an empty tomb) and sat it in front of him. He mocked her and said he would believe it when the egg turned red. And it did.

So to this day, Byzantine Christians will dye eggs red to remember this great miracle. They are usually placed in the Icon Corner for a time (since eggs go rotten after a while). Two eggs cracked together represent the harrowing of Hades, Christ's triumph over death.

I remember hearing of another one where Mary Magdalene was at Jesus' tomb giving out eggs to the poor who traveled there to pay their respects. As she did, the eggs in her basket turned blood red, representing the blood Jesus had shed.

This would be a great story to share with kids on Easter morning, or as you are dyeing eggs with them. You could add it to a Sunday School lesson as well! Humans are visual creatures; many of us grasp things better when we see it pictured. It's a delightful little way to share the death, burial and Resurrection of Jesus.

Happy Dyeing :)

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