Saturday, April 15, 2017

Holy Saturday

I didn't know what to write today, not at first.  But then I got to thinking about what today is, and what it represents. Holy Saturday follows Good Friday, a day when Christ, the Light of the World, was crucified and died. For us. We know that. We're taught this since before we could crawl. Jesus died on the cross for our sins.

Holy Saturday is a day where all hope seems to be lost. Our Lord and Savior is dead and gone from the world (or so we think). Things are bleak. What can we do?

We're lucky, aren't we? We know what happens. We know the end of the story results in joy, happiness, reconciliation...but his disciples didn't have that luxury. To them, it was over. Gone. The sheep had been scattered. I always wondered: what were his disciples doing Holy Saturday? Were they at home? Did they stay inside? Did they run away? Did they weep? What were they thinking? "Was this all a sham? Did I waste my time with this man who told us great things about God and about the Kingdom of Heaven? Are we next? What now? What now..."

I think we have all felt like that. We all have our dark nights. Where there is so much to fear and to fret over. We can't see the stone being rolled away. We can't see the light bursting forth from the tomb.

But Easter gives us hope. It's the new day dawning. It's our joy in the morning. New beginnings. That's what Easter is to me. And think about it: God gives us an Easter of our own, every single morning. Each morning we are given a new chance. A fresh start. Easter shows us that, just as Jesus overcame death for us, we can overcome through Him every single day of our lives, no matter how bleak things are, no matter how distressed we become, no matter the tears we may shed.

We all have an Easter. Wait for morning. Remember that if Christ conquered death, he can surely conquer the problems in your life.

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